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Hybrid Lashes in Melbourne

Why do you need lash extensions?

Remember when someone stared you in the eyes, and you couldn’t take their gaze away? That is what lashes can accomplish for you. Eyelash extensions will always be a must-have in your cosmetic treatments if you seek long and gorgeous lashes.

In addition to significant changes in lifestyle, the international situation has given us less evident changes. Last year, interest in purchasing decorative cosmetics, particularly lipsticks, fell due to face masks, a more extended stay at home, and the cancellation of social gatherings. However, the drop had no impact on eye makeup items, with demand for fake eyelashes increasing by 15%. You don’t need to put on or remove any make-up because eyelash extensions are already unique. Forget about smudged and crumpled mascara. You don’t have to be concerned about being caught without make-up; it will enhance your beauty at any time and in any location. You can safely participate in your favorite sports, such as swimming and sauna visits. They will be lovely for several weeks if properly cared for until they fall out naturally with the natural eyelash. If you require eyelash extensions in Melbourne, then come to us. We can provide you with the best lash extension and lash lift services. 

Velvet Lashes and Beauty

Get the best hybrid lashes in Melbourne

The term hybrid refers to an application technique that gives your lashes a beautiful fullness and texture. Our hybrid lashes are accomplished by skillfully blending traditional and volume lash treatments throughout your lash line. They’re ideal for anyone who can’t decide between our classic and volume lashes. If you’ve tried traditional lashes and want to add more volume, hybrid lashes provide a fuller lash line with the ideal combination of fullness and structure. It might give your lashes a more texturized appearance. So, whenever you need hybrid eyelash extensions in Melbourne, we should be your first choice.

Get the best Russian volume eyelash extensions.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions employ a unique technique for enhancing eyelash fullness. They improve the lashes’ texture and volume. Many people have natural lashes that are either too thin or too few, and they require a means to thicken them up. The only way a technician could cope with thin, sparse lashes before this new procedure was to add a more extensive, thicker single lash, which looks artificial. Natural lashes would get overly heavy as a result of this. If you want Russian volume eyelash extensions, Melbourne, then no one can do it better than us. 

Velvet Lashes and Beauty

We also have doll eyelash extensions and classic eyelash extensions. No matter what help you need related to eyelash extension, don’t hesitate to call us at +61411036817