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Russian volume Lashes Melbourne

This technique involves super-light extensions applied in fans to the natural lash, creating dark and fluffy looking lashes.

Everybody wants to seem beautiful and therefore the initiative of looking stunning is making eyes attractive. If your beauty routine includes things like curling lashes and applying multiple layers of mascara and every one of those things and losing tons of your time within the process then we have got an answer for you which is Eyelash extension. It saves the double of sometimes first for applying makeup every morning and second is removing it nightly. You’ll just get obviate the hectic makeovers. It’ll not only save some time but also cause you to look stunning. Before years, it wasn’t possible to request the longer lashes, but in today’s fashion world- thankful to the famous manicure, you’ll have long, attractive lashes by the straightforward process of Eyelash Extensions just after one appointment at Velvet Lashes and Beauty. Lash extensions offer you quite just trouble with a mascara-like sense of confidence and glamorous look as you choose a day-to-day activity. The arrogance that comes from realizing that you simply didn’t need plenty of makeup a day.

Your natural eyelashes could also be good but eyelashes extension will make them great by adding length, thickness, and darkness to your natural lashes. Continue you simply need slightly time with the lash artist of Velvet Lashes and Beauty to motivate and boost the arrogance by putting your beauty forward. Many of us consider eyelash extension as an upscale process and avoid it, but they have to understand that they won’t get to spend money on expensive mascaras, false lashes, or other eye makeup. Additionally, they will get obviate buying costly makeup removers also. Velvet Lashes and Beauty is that the place where you’ll determine solutions to all or any of your eyelash-related problems. We’ve differing types of eyelashes options from which you’ll determine your required one that suits you the simplest.

Velvet Lashes and Beauty

We have various sorts of eyelashes that are hybrid lashes Melbourne, Russian volume lashes Melbourne, hybrid eyelash extensions Melbourne, Russian volume eyelash extensions Melbourne, doll eyelash extensions, classic eyelash extensions. All of our eyelash extensions are of the simplest quality and are of rock bottom cost.

There are tons of things to think about before doing the eyelash extension and it needs a high amount of experience and large experience to try to do the eyelash extension perfectly, otherwise, there are high chances that you simply may ruin your eyes. At Velvet Lashes and Beauty, we do all our extensions by the foremost experienced ones. For us providing you the simplest services, a minimum of possible is our main priority. Just in case you need an eyelash extension please call us at +61411036817. You can also meet us in person our address is 495 High St, Prahran VIC 3181.

Our Services:
🖤 Classic Eyelash Extensions in Prahran VIC
🖤 Hybrid Eyelash Extensions in Prahran VIC
🖤 Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions
🖤 Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions
🖤 Lash Lift and Lash Tint
🖤 Brow Lamination and Brow Tint